2023 Emerge Tennessee Boot Camp

2023 Emerge Tennessee l Boot Camp

Apply here!!! To apply for the bootcamp copy and paste click this link: https://webportalapp.com/sp/home/emergeamerica

Apply to the 2023 Boot Camp here!!!


The Boot Camp has been developed to help candidates for to hone the skills needed to build effective campaigns and run competitive races. Campaign experts, political strategists, and leading campaign trainers will teach participants critical elements of campaigning, including:

Campaign Planning and Strategy

Messaging and Media Relations

Digital Organizing


Campaign Finance and Judicial Election Law

Fundraising and Budgeting

Field Planning and Direct Voter Contact

and much, much more!


All trainings will be held over Zoom.


Attendees who complete the boot camp will be considered Emerge Boot Camp alumnae and have access to alumnae resources, as well as continuing education opportunities for alumnae. Tuition may be paid by personal or campaign committee accounts. Due to campaign finance regulations, Emerge and its affiliates cannot provide scholarships to boot camp participants.